Marine and commercial industries frequently need varying commercial diving services to sustain their business processes. It is because commercial diving services offer the only ways for these industries to acquire solutions for:

Underwater salvaging commercial diving services

Salvaging an item, a boat, or a vessel from the seabed’s bottom needs expert help from commercial diving services. Being certified allows commercial diving services to partner with government bodies and insurance companies in meeting all the salvaging requirements.

Recovery and salvaging projects need highly-experienced and skilful divers provided by reputable commercial diving services. Considered one of the most dangerous diving processes, salvage diving involves other forms of underwater operations, including:

  • Subsea rigging
  • Underwater surveys
  • Deployment of lift bags
  • Ultrathermic burning
  • Dredging/airlifting
  • Hot tapping to remove fuel and fluids
  • And more

The process of salvaging adheres to the set timeline and expense when a commercial diving service works in coordination with an insurance company. In a nutshell, effective and quick salvaging services are provided when you work with reputable commercial diving services.

Media work commercial diving services

Filming around and in water is a big production that needs expert dive support from a commercial diving service. Staff and actors are exposed to the risk of drowning or other water mishaps when boating scenes or water car crashes are included in the film production.

Professional advice and services offered by commercial diving services during production help to keep hazardous risks at a minimum or not to happen at all. Documentaries, scientific filming, wildlife filming, and cinematic filming requiring underwater services get to a good start and finish with help from a reputable commercial diving service. The package deals offered by many commercial diving services help to keep expenses down while maintaining the safety of everyone involved during the filming.

Commercial diving services for underwater construction

Underwater construction has become one of the elements required for many modern building projects today. For instance, a redeveloped lake or riverbank is to become a block of commercial flats. For projects such as this, the durability and placement of the subsea concrete shuttering and pour need to be checked and inspected. Or a new sheet piling wall installed should pass the requirements for commercial safety. Hiring commercial diving services ensures success for these types of projects.

Commercial diving services for safety boat cover purposes

A safety boat cover is used for a number of reasons, including:

  • Involvement of water for an organised sporting race or event
  • Building a bridge requiring workers to work above water
  • Protecting scaffolders from harm when they work on a project close to a body of water

All of the stated scenarios require safety boat cover from reputable commercial diving services. Opting to work with them provides the best protection for all types of activities in or near a body of water.

Commercial diving services for underwater demolition

Demolishing stuff is not a simple process involved in underwater demolition. Demolishing something underwater needs a careful study of the environmental impact it can do. A desktop stage involving assessment and impact report are the details a commercial diving service has to plan before taking it into the water. Using underwater explosives needs careful planning and execution for it to become a successful project.

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