Some practices should be performed after each use, others every week and others once a month or more. This depends on the various parts that make it up. Daily and after each use, for example, you must remove all the water from the tank, being careful that it has completely disappeared. The water that stagnates, even if not for many hours, causes bad smells, creates patinas and can cause bacteria to proliferate which will inevitably end up in our mouth at the next wash.

Once a week, however, it is necessary to do a slightly more thorough cleaning of the device, being careful to eliminate both air and water that may have escaped and possibly rubbing it carefully with products that do not damage it, such as a neutral detergent that does not contain alcohol or other potentially abrasive compounds.

An even more accurate washing of each component and the internal parts, on the other hand, should be performed for a maximum of once a month but we can also wait for something more. Now we will see how to wash each part.

In addition to the tank, we must also ensure that water and air do not remain in the ducts to prevent colonies of extremely harmful bacteria from being created. Just empty the tank, detach the head and put the device into vacuum action for a few seconds. Then, once turned off, simply dry the tank seat and let the pipes dry.

Wash the tank
Normally, unless the instructions of our specific model suggest otherwise, we can put the tank in the dishwasher . Just detach it from the device and remove, when possible, the valve. Then we can start a normal washing cycle. The valve, whether it comes off or does not, must not be inserted in the dishwasher otherwise it will get ruined and must be thrown away.

If we do not know how to remove the tank from its seat, we can read specifications and the manual, which is normally present online and available at all times. To dry the tank, however, just expose it to the air and wait or use a simple cloth.

Clean the valve
Once removed, the valve must also be cleaned. To do this, just put it under hot water and rinse it with your hands. Once done, for about thirty seconds, we can dry it manually or wait for it to dry by itself. When both the tank and the valve are completely dry, we can assemble them being careful to reassemble everything in the right place exactly as it was previously.