If you want to keep your boat looking as good as new even after several years of sea trips, there is nothing as important as maintaining high standards of cleanliness. Regular boat maintenance will help keep your gel coat, upholstery, canvas, and brightwork in top-shape. It feels a little more satisfying, setting your eyes on a well-maintained boat. Maintaining your boat can be a challenge for first-time boat owners because they might not be well-versed with tips and tricks of making their boat look sparkling clean and shiny. Here are some of the tips to get rid of the chalky gel-coat and let your coat be as bright as new.

Regular cleaning

After every good adventure in the waters, clean and wax your boat’s gel coat to polish and protect against oxidation which turns the fibreglass look chalky and dull. Marine canvas without proper treatment can deteriorate if not regularly polished, and protectants applied accordingly. Some canvas on extremes may turn leaky, and a clear canvas turns cloudy. As with upholstery on boats, cleaning with the right agents and cleaner is vital to keep the material going for multiple seasons without calling for a project. Using the wrong detergent to clean canvas and upholstery might accidentally destroy the material, and it might cost a season of use.

Brightwork done on all wooden surfaces will ensure those surfaces remain in good shape for a longer time. Refinishing the wooden parts of your boat ensures your boat looks bright, and this might be done every spring.

Gelcoat, wax and polish

If you are lucky to have your boat made from fibreglass or with most parts made from it, keeping your boat in top-notch condition becomes easy because Gelcoat maintenance is a bit cheaper. The tough exterior glossy finish that helps protect the underlying fibreglass from salt, sun and other weather elements mother nature can throw your way. Maintaining the Gelcoat, waxing, and polishing is essential to repel water, sun and water while polishing cuts oxidation from the gel coat to keep it shining. It is imperative to wash away salt and grime after ever visiting the water with a quality soap. Harsh soaps might do an outstanding cleaning but get rid of protective wax leading to a dull Gelcoat. While washing your boat with a brush, do it sparingly to prevent scratches in the Gelcoat.

If you are in the unlucky camp of those with a faded Gelcoat because you couldn’t afford a new boat, thank goodness today, even the chalkiest Gelcoat can be brought back to life again to high-gloss. The only thing to do is to invest a lot of time and energy for the high-gloss sought after to live on your boat.

Marine canvas

Canvas is the durable material used for cockpit and console enclosures. They could be PVC or vinyl material. These materials need cleaning with the right agents to make it durable. Without proper care of the marine canvas, it might fail to look good that any marine would envy and the worst part is that of replacing with a new one season after season. Keeping your canvas clean is the first step to take if your marine canvas is to serve you for a long time. Do a light brushing and a lot of water to get rid of dirt on the canvas material, doing it the rough way is a costly affair.

Turn to a professional for boat servicing. It is more efficient and effective than do-it-yourself procedures.