Receiving dirty cutlery or glass while dining at a favourite bar, restaurant, or cafe is disappointing, if not outright yucky. While serving you a dirty piece of glass is never intentional, the sight of a foggy and stained one is a big turn-off.

Being a business owner makes you aware of how customers could quickly share on social media platforms their negative experience. A lot of rapport and goodwill you’ve built over time with customers quickly goes down the drain.

Balancing the turnover of huge volumes of glassware can be tough when you have to manually wash and polish glasses. A commercial glasswasher provides the perfect solution to effectively manage fast turnovers of clean and polished glassware all the time.

The mundane and painstaking way of checking every glass before serving can quickly get old. A commercial glasswasher provides the potential of delivering the best results all the time.

Investing in a commercial glasswasher should be seriously considered when you currently own or are thinking of opening a restaurant, club, cafe, bar, or lounge. A business that serves a big volume of drinks needs to speed up its beverage service. And one of the top things that can put a lull in the service accumulated dirty glassware.

With this said, the advantages a commercial glass washer brings to the table include:

Superior positioning with compact glasswasher models

The size of a commercial glass washer is more compact compared to commercial dishwashers. The compact design of the glasswasher is meant to neatly fit on or under the countertop. Glasswasher sizes do not pose any issue when it comes to space as finding one fitted to your needs is always certain.

A bar with an under-the-counter commercial glasswasher can consistently serve clean and sparkling glasses using minimal time and effort. Finding one that fits is always certain with a commercial glasswasher.

Capable of providing efficient and quick glass washing

The design and manufacture of glasswashers make them highly efficient machines. A range from two to five minutes is the time needed for a glasswasher to fully clean glassware. A busy club, lounge, or bar where the drinking activity can quickly spike will do well with having a commercial glasswasher.

The only thing you need to do when running out of clean glasses is to start a cycle with the glasswasher and get some fresh glasses after a few minutes. This convenience provided by a commercial glasswasher enables you to serve fresh and spotlessly clean glasses all the time.

Minimise glassware damage

The gentle but efficient washing provided by a commercial glasswasher is the top thing that makes it highly popular with many food and drink industries. Fragile glassware risk getting damaged when they are washed. This risk is minimised with the gentle washing action of a commercial glasswasher.

Fragile glassware is likely to get damaged when they are washed in traditional dishwashing machines. The vulnerability of wine glasses, for instance, can break or chip when they are not gently washed and polished.

Serving broken or chipped glass is out of the question. Replacing wine glasses can quickly add to the overhead expense. The smartest way to prevent the risk of damaging expensive glassware is to invest in a commercial glasswasher. You’ll be glad you did.

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