To begin with, let’s see together what is watering .
Watering is the operation that allows you to distribute water automatically, naturally or manually to promote the growth and well-being of your plants.

I invite you to read the article until the end because you will get an important advantage :
avoid the risk of losing your succulents due to bad watering.

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calendarFirst, the month to start watering varies depending on the area where you live. In central Italy, you can start in April , in the north in May , in the south in March , to finish watering around September / October , as soon as the temperature starts to stiffen, or when the weather starts to change. The frequency of watering essentially depends on the weather conditions ; if your plants placed outside take rainwater in large quantities, at least once every 2-3 weeks, this may be sufficientto guarantee their growth and well-being. When you water on your own, it is much better to water a few times but abundantly by wetting all the soil well, rather than watering many times by giving a little water.

The soil used for plants exposed to direct sun will tend to dry out before the soilSunused for plants kept in semi-shade. Precisely for this reason, plants exposed to the sun need a greater quantity of water to supply plants with the quantity necessary for survival and their growth. A higher quantity of water also needs the plants kept in the greenhouse during the summer, the soil dries upfirst and consequently needs water first; moreover, the plants kept in the greenhouse are also excluded from the possibility of capturing the water from the rains. Precisely for this reason, these plants, kept during the summer, should also be watered 1-2 times a week during the summer; this depends on the average greenhouse temperature.