Welcome to Top End Tanks...

Top End Tanks is a Queensland owned and operated family company. Top End Tanks management has been involved in the poly tank industry since the pioneering years of the product in Australia. Top End Tanks offer you, the client; the best value money can buy when you purchase your Polyethylene water tanks. Top End Tanks have a responsibility to you, the client ethically and morally to make sure that every product that leaves our factory is manufactured to the highest standards to ensure you purchase a trouble free, quality product that will exceed its warranty timeframe. Not all tanks have the same quality or the same strength. In other words we manufacture our tanks to a standard so high that we don’t have any warranty claims. Top End Tanks motto is that we don’t want to see our customers again – unless they are buying another tank from us!

Top End Tanks have a fully self-supporting roof with our tanks. This is the same from our small tanks 600L right through to the 30,000L tank. Three men can stand on the roof at the same time and the roof still won’t collapse.

Top End Tanks is aware of our obligations towards the environment and we are pleased to say that we generate 75KW of our power usage through solar energy.